How to Add PricePartner to HomeBase 2.3

PricePartner is a helpful application that allows you to quickly and easily modify the prices of books listed in HomeBase© versions 2.0 or higher. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

PricePartner is a program separate from HomeBase 2.3; however it is built into HomeBase 3.2.

In order to use PricePartner with HomeBase 2.3, you need to open it separately from HomeBase. Once price changes are made, they will be applied to your inventory within HomeBase.

To download PricePartner to your computer:

  • Go to the HomeBase 2.3 download page.
  • Scroll down to and click Download PricePartner.
  • Select the [Save] option.
  • Select an easily accessible location on your computer to save PricePartner to. Click [Save].

To install PricePartner:

  • Locate and then double-click [setupPricePartner.exe]. Select [Run].
  • Click the [Setup] button. When the Setup Wizard opens, click [OK] to continue.
  • If you would like to install PricePartner in a different location, click [Change Directory] button.
  • Click the large program icon to begin the installation.
  • Click [Continue] unless you wish to change the Program Group (which is not advised).
  • When the installation is complete, click [OK].

Note: You may receive a „Version Conflict“ message. This indicates that a file being copied is older than the current file on your computer system. It is recommended that you keep your existing file by clicking [Yes].

To use PricePartner:

  • Close HomeBase
  • Open PricePartner. A window of instructions and information will appear. Once you close the instruction window, the PricePartner screen will appear.
  • If PricePartner does not automatically populate your HomeBase hbdata file, [Browse] to its location and select>Insert the price change:
  • If you would like to increase the price of your books by a percentage amount, for example 5%, click the radio button beside „Exchange Rate“ and insert the amount of the increase. The Exchange Rate works as a ratio. For example, if you want to increase price by 5%, the Exchange Rate price increase would read 1.05. A 15% increase would appear as 1.15.
  • If you would like to change the price of your books by a fixed amount, for example $.50, click the radio button beside „Fixed Markup Amount“ and insert the amount of the increase without using a currency sign.
  • Click [Convert Price] to apply the price changes.

When you open HomeBase, the prices will be changed. Please remember that in order for your new prices to be reflected online, you must upload a complete inventory file of ‚All Books‘ to AbeBooks.

Exchange Rate Field Values

You can enter different values in the Exchange Rate field to increase or decrease your book prices. You can also return your prices to the original amount by entering a reciprocal value.

To decrease prices by Exchange Rate value To Revert to Original Price
5% 0.96 1.052631579
10% 0.9 1.111111
20% 0.8 1.25
30% 0.7 1.428571
40% 0.6 1.666667
50% 0.5 2
60% 0.4 2.5
70% 0.3 3.333333
80% 0.2 5
90% 0.1 10
To increase prices by Exchange Rate value To Revert to Original Price
5% 1.05 0.952380952
10% 1.1 0.909090
20% 1.2 0.833333
30% 1.3 0.769231
40% 1.4 0.714285
50% 1.5 0.666667
60% 1.6 0.625
70% 1.7 0.588235
80% 1.8 0.555555
90% 1.9 0.526315
100% 2 0.5