AbeBooks Bookseller Agreement – Which Am I On?

AbeBooks has two different Bookseller Agreements – a North American Agreement and a European Agreement. These two Agreements reflect legislative differences between Europe and North America.

If you are unsure of which Agreement applies to you, you can check through your AbeBooks Bookseller account.

To view your AbeBooks Bookseller Agreement:

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.
  2. Click [View Bookseller Agreement] in the ‘My Personal Information’ section of the Menu.
  3. Your Agreement will then open.

In section 1. How to Become an AbeBooks Bookseller, if you see:

  • AbeBooks Inc! – you are under the North American Agreement.
  • AbeBooks Europe GmbH – you are under the European Agreement.