Downloadable Tax Report

You can download a report that provides record of the orders shipped within the United States on which AbeBooks has calculated, collected, and remitted sales tax under U.S.A. Marketplace Facilitator (MPF) legislation.

Please review our Transaction Tax page for more information on MPF including which states AbeBooks will collect sales tax.  

The downloadable [Tax Report] is available within your Members Menu. The report is in a .CSV format that can be easily opened in a spreadsheet program. You can then sort, format, and print the data to suit your needs.

Follow the instructions below to generate your Tax Report:

  1. Sign into your AbeBooks account with your email address and password
  2. Select [ Statements and Reporting (Beta) ] under the My Payments section of the Members Menu
  3. Select [Tax Report]
  4. Enter the date range of the transactions you wish to see up to the past five years by either entering the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format, or by selecting the dates on the calendar
  5. Select [Generate Report] to create your report
  6. Once the report has been created, the file will be available for download using the [Download Report] link
  7. Save this file to an easy to find location such as your desktop or downloads folder

The saved tax report can now be imported into your spreadsheet program such as Excel. For further information on importing the file into your preferred program, consult that program’s help files.

Tax Report Explained

The report will contain the following fields to use for your reference:

Transaction Date

The date that the order or refund was processed

Transaction Type

Whether the transaction was an order or refund  

Seller Item ID

The listing ID of the item supplied by the seller

Order ID

The Purchase Order number for the order

AbeBooks Item ID

The internal use only AbeBooks order ID

Order Country

The country that the order was shipped to

Order State

The state that the order was shipped to

Tax Calculated Date

The time that the tax rate was applied to the order when the order was processed


Tax Collection Model

This will be Marketplace Facilitator (MPF)

Tax Collection Responsible Party

This will show AbeBooks has calculated, collected, and remitted the tax

Important: As tax issues can be complex and we are unaware of your tax situation, AbeBooks cannot offer guidance on tax obligations.