HomeBase 2.3 – Sending Data to AbeBooks

After September 30, AbeBooks will no longer support HomeBase 2.3 and users will no longer be able to send inventory updates directly from HomeBase 2.3 to AbeBooks nor use its ISBN lookup feature.  

If you choose to continue using HomeBase 2.3, you will still be able to upload your inventory files using an ftp client, or manually through your Members Menu on the AbeBooks website by following the instructions below:

To begin the export process:

1. Open HomeBase 2.3 and select „File“ > „Import/Export“ > „Export/Send to AbeBooks”. There is also a „Send to AbeBooks“ icon on the toolbar, if you prefer.

2. The “Send Data to AbeBooks” window will open. Select which data you would like to export:

•    “Upload all changes since last load dates”

•    “Upload Wants”

3. Make sure the „Userid“, „Password“, and „FTP“ fields are populated. Press the [Send] button.

4. The „Save AbeBooks File Name“ window will open. From this window, choose where to save your HomeBase export file. When ready select [Save]. A message will appear indicating the number of books and/or Wants saved in this export file.

5. The “Send to AbeBooks via FTP” window will open. Select [Exit].

To send the file to AbeBooks:

1. Open a browser window and sign on to your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.

2. Select [Upload a Book or Picture File].

3. Select [Browse] or [Choose File].

4. Locate the export file you just created in HomeBase 2.3 and select [Open].

5. Select [Send File].

Once you have uploaded a file to AbeBooks, you will receive an email confirming the file has been received and additional details about the file.