AbeBooks ISBN Matching Service

Based on the ISBN that you provide for a listing, the AbeBooks ISBN Matching Service will automatically add as many bibliographic details as possible. This service is intended to augment your listing with bibliographic details appropriate for each book.

The ISBN matching service will also ensure a stock photo is displayed for your listing, if one is available.

If you provide all details for a book, ISBN matching isn’t necessary; ISBN matching will never overwrite bookseller-supplied information. However, if you provide us with ISBN only, ISBN matching will augment your listing with all available bibliographic fields and allow your listing to be searchable by these fields.

It is the bookseller’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the data provided by ISBN matching. If incorrect information is matched, sellers should update this information by doing one of the following:

  • Provide the corrected information in the appropriate field.
  • Enter NOISBN in the listing’s keyword field.

The NOISBN keyword will prevent bibliographic information associated to an ISBN from being assigned to your book. Keep in mind that if you apply this keyword, the book will still be searchable by ISBN if you provide one. This keyword also does not affect whether the synopsis or stock photos are displayed for your listing.

You can also choose to prevent all ISBN matching from being applied to your listings. Simply contact Customer Support and request that ISBN Matching be disabled for your account.

When you process your orders, we recommend that you click the [Book Details] link to view your listing as it would have been displayed to the buyer. If any of the bibliographic details are incorrect, please reject the order and update the listing.