Best Practices for successful selling on AbeBooks

Whether you are new to AbeBooks or a long-standing partner looking to grow your sales, here are some “best practices” to successfully sell on AbeBooks:

  1. List your full catalog – The more items you list on AbeBooks, the greater the chances that they will be found and purchased.
  2. Improve the quality of your listings – The information you include in your listings, improves their findability and conversion.
    • ISBN. Include your items´ ISBN to easily benefit from our internal catalog information and gain additional visibility from our marketing campaigns.
    • 85% of items purchased on AbeBooks had an image. Images are an effective selling tool, as they enhance the experience for a customer who wants to see the actual book before buying. Use images to highlight attractive bindings, dust jackets, and artwork. For instructions on how to add images, click here.
    • Use the description field to ensure customers have as much information about the item as possible. Important attributes include condition, more details about signatures, and the binding. Make sure to note any defects.
    • Book attributes. Populating fields for books (i.e. edition, publisher, illustrator, keywords, etc) improves the findability of your listings.
    • Product type. Use product types to categorize your non-book inventory and collections to offer customers more discovery options.
  3. Review your prices – Compare your prices to similar items on AbeBooks when you make your pricing decisions. You can use the AbeBooks’ online Inventory Management price comparison function to compare your prices. Please find more information here.
  4. Configure your shipping options – Use the shipping matrix to optimize shipping times and costs. Use and update tracking information in your orders. For instructions on how to add tracking numbers to orders, click here. When it is appropriate, consider offering free shipping. AbeBooks promotes sellers who offer free shipping through special free shipping pages and a monthly email campaign. Learn more about free shipping here.
  5. Participate in our sales program – We promote sellers who discount their inventory through special sales pages and a monthly email campaign. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know.