France’s EPR Packaging Requirements

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations are designed to reduce waste and encourage recycling. Starting January 1, 2022. France’s revised EPR laws for packaging affect both AbeBooks and its sellers.

We encourage you to become familiar with these EPR regulations.

The Ministry for Ecological Transition (MoET) provides a general overview of EPR requirements in French.

Who is a producer?

Producers are not just manufacturers. France requires producers to mitigate the environmental impact of their products and packaging. A producer is anyone who first introduces a product to the market on a commercial basis. Anyone who ships products in packaging to customers located in France is considered a producer.

These regulations require producers to register with a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

If you need assistance with EPR, there is a list of authorized third-party companies offering support services.

Registration numbers required

To comply with the regulations, AbeBooks is required to collect French EPR registration numbers (also known as Unique Identification Numbers, or UINs from sellers. The number starts with “FR” and follows this format: FR123456_78ZZZZ.

If you don’t provide us with a UIN, AbeBooks will pay the corresponding eco-fees to the qualified PRO on your behalf for sales made from January 2022. Please provide your UIN to avoid the possibility of EPR charges on your sales from January 2023.

Registration and system participation

In France, PROs provide EPR registration numbers. Please note that this is different from Germany where a central register issues registration numbers.

French EPR compliance requires the following steps:

Step 1: Register with a PRO

The PROs below handle packaging. Register with one of them and obtain a UIN.

Citeo: General information | Registration

Léko: General information | Registration

Please make sure that the information submitted to your PRO, including your VAT ID/Tax ID, business name and address matches the information on file with AbeBooks.

The registration process may include the payment of retroactive eco-fees for previous years. The period for retroactive payments varies but may extend to the previous three years.

In order to comply with regulations, you must provide the UIN to AbeBooks.

Step 2: Report packaging volumes and pay eco-fees

You will need to submit reports and pay eco-fees to your PRO on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a “producer” in France?

According to the legislation, you are considered a producer if you ship items to customers in France.

Where can I learn more about the EPR in France?

The following websites offer general information in French about EPR:

How much does it cost to register with a French PRO?

Registration with most PROs is free. However, you need to pay eco-fees on a regular basis. Contact PROs with questions about registration, reporting and payment of eco-fees.

Will PROs request retroactive payments?

Some PROs may charge eco-fees for products shipped into France in previous years. The period for retroactive payments varies but may extend to the previous three years.

Where do I submit reports to?

SYDEREP is the online portal for submitting French EPR reports. The portal is run by ADEME, France’s France’s Agence de la transition écologique. For more information on recycling packaging, visit SYDEREP V2.

Can I appoint an authorized representative to fulfill obligations on my behalf?

If you are a producer, you can appoint an authorized representative to fulfill some obligations on your behalf.