HomeBase 3.2 – Listings Overview

Under the ‚Listings‘ tab in HomeBase 3.2, you can:

  • View inventory
  • Add new Listings
  • Delete Listings
  • Edit Listings
  • Search your inventory

When you select the Listings tab, you are shown a list-view of inventory saved in HomeBase 3.2. You can search and filter your listings by a variety of criteria, including price range and quantity.

The default columns displayed in list-view are:

  • Item ID (seller Listing ID)
  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • ISBN
  • Price
  • Keywords
  • Status
  • Condition
  • AbeBooks Valid

The columns can be adjusted to meet your needs:

  • Columns can be added to your list-view by right-clicking any column header and selecting ‚Column Chooser‘. A list of available columns will open in the bottom-right. Simply drag the column you’d like to add to the desired position in the header row.
  • To remove a column from your display, open ‚Column Chooser‘ as above, left-click the column header and drag it onto the Column Chooser. Columns that are also ‚Filter/Search Conditions‘ cannot be removed from the list-view. These columns cannot be removed to ensure results make sense if the filter is used. (Note: Removing a column in this way will only remove it from your list-view display. The field represented by that column will still be present within each listing.)
  • Dragging the edge of the column headers allows you to adjust the size of the columns – larger or smaller.
  • All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order simply by clicking the column header. Click again to reverse the order.
  • The ‘Status’ field cannot be removed and is based on Quantity. E.g. a listing that has a status of ‘For Sale’ has at least 1 in the Quantity field; a listing with 0 in the Quantity field will display the status ‚Sold Out‘.

Filter/Search Conditions can be used to display only the items that meet the criteria you specify. For instance, if you only wanted to see books written by Agatha Christie, you’d enter Agatha Christie in the Author field under ‚Filter/Search Conditions‘.

  • Search criteria can be cleared by clicking the [Clear] button.
  • You can filter by a price range (e.g. $10.00 to $20.00) as well as by a specific price (e.g. $10.00 to $10.00).
  • You can hide the Filter/Search Conditions form, to allow more space for your listings, by clicking the arrow to the left of ‚Filter/Search Conditions‘.