How to find my user ID and API key?

The AbeBooks Inventory Update API allows sellers to use custom inventory management applications that meet their particular business requirements. Your AbeBooks userID and password is separate from your AbeBooks account password. Follow these instructions to find your User ID and API Key.

How to find your User ID

  1. Go to My Account in the My Personal Information section of the Members Menu. 
  2. Click Marketplace Profile. Your User ID will be located at the bottom of the page in the User ID field. This User ID will be always in capital letters and does not included spaces.

How to find your API Key

If you want to to create or reset your API Key, or you’ve forgotten your current API Key, you may regenerate it using the API key tool by following these steps:

  1. Open the API Key tool.
  2. Click Regenerate API Key.  

3. Copy the automatically generated password; make sure there are no extra spaces when highlighting the text.

It is important to note that the new Key will be effective immediately and all scripts or applications which used the previous Key will need to be updated in order to connect with AbeBooks.